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Our friend Dylan has put up more live videos on youtube from our Hallenbeck's show. And in the very near future we will going to the very distant past. We are shaking the dust off of some of our old videos, going back to the mid 90s-- "Tenderly" and "Breaking Up", produced by Jim Matlosz, "Well Done" produced by Sara Skibitsky, and "Crazy Life" produced by Jim Barrett. The videos are all professionally done and look beautiful, despite a couple bad haircuts, and in my case, "hide the bald spot" haircuts (I have since embraced the bald!). They will be up on youtube and our website soon.

WVIA in Pennsylvania lists our new CD in their top ten this week. Thank you George Graham!

And finally, we are now up on iTunes. So that means you can get our new CD at, iTunes, and live shows. You can get individual songs from our past CDs on SNOCAP, found on our websites ( and

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