The Answer is No

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(C)Kevin Fisher

Everything’s alright, everything is fine
Maybe it’s the California weather, maybe it’s the wine
Life used to be a battle, now it’s like a game
Guess I used up all my bitter accusations
There’s no one left to blame
      Am I getting boring, am I getting dull
      Am I just ignoring the writing on the wall
      Am I making excuses, refusing to see
      All of the nooses encircling me?
      Tha answer is ‘no’
I’m happy by myself
It’s how I like to be
But still sometimes I wonder
Is there something wrong with me
      Am I simply lonely, a bit too reclusive
      Am I finding friendship just a little elusive
      Am I fearing love cause sometimes it hurts
      Am I avoiding humble pie and my just desserts?
      The answer is...
No way, no chance
I’m facing the music and I can’t help but dance
      Am I getting lazy, am I growing weak
      Am I staying silent when it’s my turn to speak
      Have I lost my compassion, all of my drive
      Have I forgotten what it means to be alive
      The answer is ‘no’