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Kevin Fisher wrote his first song when he was two years old. It was a horrible song: infantile vocabulary, self-indulgent subject matter, and worst of all, he realized it lacked a sense of post modern irony that would give his songs that special perspicacious serendipity. “Perspicacious serendipity” he would muse to himself, with the kind of pedantic vulnerability found only in academia.

So he spent the next twenty years in school. Appropriately bereft of beliefs, with a knowledge that his degree in Literature and Music Theory would find him no gainful employment, he pondered life’s paradoxes and then, full of existential, hope-filled resignation, he muttered, “Let’s start a band, dude”.

Since that fateful day, Kevin has written over a thousand songs, performed all over the world, garnered basketfuls of accomplishments (not the least of which was losing on Star Search) and most recently, had a couple of his songs hit the country charts. He has two gold records (Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans), a platinum record (Rascal Flatts) and a tepid cup of coffee on his desk (Starbucks).

His band Naked to the World recorded four CDs, was awarded Acoustic Band of the Year by National Academy of Songwriters and even got a little national airplay. They toured extensively in a van that broke down all the time, documented in the song Nowhere Else But Here on Naked to the World's most recent CD, Too Late To Make A Long Story Short. For a while, it looked like they might be famous. No such luck.

Noun Verb Noun is Kevin's first solo effort. He's probably too old to still be doing this, but it beats a day job, and, if you've been following along, he has no other employable skills.

Kevin lives in a cabin in the shady woods of Vermont with his wife, seven children and five dogs. No wait, that’s not true. He has no kids or dogs. He and his wife live in Los Angeles, where they “just want to rock and roll all day and party every night”. Or not.

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