James and His Telescope

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James got a telescope, he traded in his bike
Thought the highways of heaven would be something he would like
His feet on the ground, his heart starting to pound, he waited for angels to fall
He stared at the sky with the lense in his eye and saw nothing at all
He's just a kid with an eyeful of hope, James and his telescope
James went to college where he worked on his degree
Mixed a mind full of wonder with harsh reality
He aced all his classes in his wire rimmed glasses, excelled in material things
But at night in his room he'd gazed at the moon and wait for the beating of wings
He's still a kid, with a heart full of hope, James and his telescope
      James James James
      There's nothing out there but ether and air
      No angels or demons or saviors
      Get off of that cloud, you're acting so proud
      And stop all these foolish behaviors
      But James' sole relief was his strength of belief
      That angels are as real as it gets
      He just hasn't seen them yet
James raised a family and had an ordinary life
And  the angels he cared for were his children and his wife
He took on some work as a government clerk to pay for the debts that life brings
There was sickness and health, the chasing of wealth, sorrows, eros and slings
But he always managed to cope, James and his telescope
He would gather his family on every Christmas Eve
And he told sacred stories of the things he believed
But time was a miser and James none the wiser for waiting so long for a sign
And on his last breath he thought maybe in death there'd be something a pilgrim could find
Then he let go of this mortal rope, James and his telescope
      James James James
      It's Michael and Gabriel and all the archangels
      And we've all come to welcome you home
      With the seers and the sages from all of the ages
      You never will feel all alone
      It was a beautiful treason to choose faith over reason
      But you knew it was angels you'd get
      You just hadn't seem them yet